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We are proud of our past, encouraged for our future and genuinely excited in offering sensual furniture for our valued customers. Welcome all to lush, trendy, and stylish world of Usha Lexus Furniture. The ones those are highest in quality, widest in range, fanciest in style and ultimately the best with satisfaction.
In addition, our prompt, genuine and sincere service is added advantage. In a bid to serve you better, we have put together some fascinating and vital facts about furniture, especially regarding their care & maintenance and on some other aspects, which may prove to be helpful. Usha is a brand with diversified technological brilliance and manufacturing excellence, serving cross sections of customers with durable and lifestyle products like Home Appliances, Furniture, Water Purification Systems, Mobile Phones, Electronics and Electrical equipment among others. Our brands are among the most well known brands in India and command instant recall and have phenomenal goodwill.

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